What Exactly Is A Wellness Companion?

So glad that you asked because we love questions like these.

Think of a #wellnesscompanion as your very responsible best friend who is always rooting for your success!

Research shows that people who have a friend who encourages & motivates them to do stuff are more likely to be consistent.

CWC will act as your friend and accountability partner to encourage you to participate in a variety of daily activities. CWC is the friend you’ve been looking for to help you stay on course toward better health.

Your Wellness Companion, will help you boost your confidence and cheer you on as your grow towards your wellness goals.  There will be tough days, but your companion will be there to support and come along with you. We’re all at different stages of our health journey, but together, we will succeed.

Our program is unique because our activities and classes are varied. You won’t get bored doing the same thing every time.

Our classes are fun, engaging, and interactive. You don’t have be at certain fitness level to do our classes, we will meet you where you’re at with modifications.

Our trainers will be taking you on different adventures every time you attend a class. Whether it’s yoga with Zep, or African Dancing with Rombosa, strength training with Britt, Tasha and Rebecca, we got you covered.