Are you team #whitemeat or #darkmeat ?


Before you jump to conclusion, I’m talking about turkey meat!

🦃I’ve never been a fan of turkey breast, I’m a #darkmeat kinda girl. Breast meat are usually dry in comparison to thighs and legs!

💡However, I’ve had change of heart🥰 ever since I discovered dry brining🤯and sous vide💦 cooking.

This type of lean meats preparation have made me a #whitemeat convert.


What is Dry Brining? 

In brief, dry brining the turkey using salt and dry spice will withdraw the moisture from the turkey at first. Then the salt dissolves into the moisture and it gets reabsorbed back in to the turkey as a salty flavorful moisture. The salty moisture also breaks down tough muscle proteins resulting in tender meat.

What is Sous Vide? 

Sous vide refers to the process of vacuum-sealing food and cooking it in a temperature controlled water bath. You can get a sous vide machine in my video for around $60-70. It’s worth it if all you make is turkey breast!


I will be teaching easy healthy Zoom cooking classes LIVE each week when CWC launches in January.

Let me help you become a master of your own kitchen!


Your Foodie Cook, 

-Mai |  Cooking With Mai Tai


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