Our Story

My initial interest was fitness, I studied & learned about the body. I was and still am my first client. I created & implemented a program for myself transforming my body in a very significant way. I lost 80 pounds in a year & have been able to maintain and reshape my body.

With this success, I was motivated to help others and became a Certified personal trainer at a local gym. From there, I noticed a challenge with the infrastructure of a gym. Many people were not going regularly, intimidated, or just didn’t have the time. I decided to create a program that didn’t require a gym and was not cookie cutter. With that I started my first business, my companies name was Jake’s Fitness- Bringing Fitness to You.

The goal was to meet my clients at a convenient location that worked for their schedule. I also would custom build a wellness program specifically for each of my clients. Jake’s Fitness developed wellness programs for businesses, schools, churches, one on one, small classes, athletes and senior living communities. I eventually expanded, as demand for my program grew.

I later implemented a nutrition & coaching component as I wanted to add a weight loss management tool as per the demand from my clients. With this program I became a Certified Health Coach. The program offered; a Coach, a self-study and a meal program that offered fast & safe weight loss. This addition changed the way I thought about health and wellness as a majority of my clients were interested in losing weight. I then offered this program first to my clients & then focused on fitness after they lost weight.
I found a niche market within the senior living communities. I created a program for people wheel-chair bound.

This program grew and many senior communities loved it (personal care, assisted living, independent living, & skilled communities). I expanded to operating and teaching this program across 8 states in the east coast starting in PA. I expanded the company overseeing about 50 employees.

The program grew for 3 years, after this success there were changes within the 3rd party company that we partnered with that prohibited the continued growth and ultimately lead to down-sizing.

Over the years, I have kept my mind and body strong by continuing to stay on my wellness journey. Whether, running my own business or working in corporate America. However, my passion to help people toward better health has always stayed constant and shined thru.

Fast forward to the introduction of Courtnee, this program encapsulates all of what I have done. The idea is health & wellness meets technology by way of providing support, accountability, with a companion and a community of like-minded people. My goal with Courtnee is to offer support that extends beyond a gym, a personal trainer, or a nutritionist. Courtnee is designed to be your daily companion.

The core focus will be around food, water, movement, sleep and stress reduction. Our system addresses these focused areas more broadly by identifying where each client is on the spectrum in these 5 areas; Emotional,  Social, Spiritual, Physical and Intellectual.

Courtnee was not created to replace any wellness support, however it is designed to enhance and assist the person who wants better health by offering daily accountability. With our program, we also offer live interactive online fitness instruction and healthy cooking shows.